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FASA - Reserve Group 2 Breeder 2012
(did not show much this year - but lost to a wonderful breeder)

FASA - Best Group 2 Breeder 2010
FASA - Best Group 2 Breeder 2009
FASA - Best Group 2 Breeder 2008

Best Group 2 Breeder 2005 - FASA
Reserve Group 2 Breeder 2006 - FASA
Reserve Group 2 Breeder 2007 - FASA

Xarifa Siamese & Orientals has been featured in the following magazines & web sites:
October 2004 issue of the Japanese magazine - Cat's Life
Australian Women's Weekly - Caring for Cats and Dogs
Ozpets - How to Show Cats


Welcome to Xarifa. My name is Annela, but everyone knows me as Anne. I hope you enjoy wandering through my little portion of the Web. If you would like to know anything more about my cats or even if you have some questions about Siamese and Orientals in general, please feel welcome to email me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

If you just want to share stories and photos of your fur family then I will be honoured to share them with you.

Xarifa is situated in the Fleurieu Peninsula which is in South Australia. We live near a small but busy country town which is about a 60 minute drive away from Adelaide.

My love of Siamese cats started in the mid 1980's when I purchased a lovely blue tabby point girl.

Back in those days we stupidly allowed her outside and learnt a very hard lesson when Shas was hit and killed by a car. We were then privileged to be owned by Eldamar Tabby Kena who was a beautiful typey cat who lived up to her name, (Kena is Estonian for pretty). I started a breeding program from Kena and registered my cattery prefix Xarifa back in 1986.

Some people say that Siamese and Oriental cats are not very affectionate... but I personally have found that they are one of the most affectionate animals and extremely loyal. When I am home Tyson & Manny rarely leave my side and Tyson is most often found sitting almost on my keyboard as I work (where he is right this moment) and Manny at my feet.

Please bookmark my site as it will be continually upgraded, I would love you to visit again.

Oh and please don't forget to sign my guest map below and say hello, I would love to meet you.