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PO Box 699

0476 803 530
or 0418 833 515


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FASA - Reserve Group 2 Breeder 2012
(did not show much this year - but lost to a wonderful breeder)

Best Group 2 Breeder 2011 - FASA
Best Group 2 Breeder 2010 - FASA
Best Group 2 Breeder 2009 - FASA
Best Group 2 Breeder 2008 - FASA

Reserve Group 2 Breeder 2007 - FASA
Reserve Group 2 Breeder 2006 - FASA

Best Group 2 Breeder 2005 - FASA

Xarifa Siamese & Orientals has been featured in the following magazines & web sites:
October 2004 issue of the Japanese magazine - Cat's Life
Australian Women's Weekly - Caring for Cats and Dogs
Ozpets - How to Show Cats

Xarifa's aim is to breed happy and well adjusted kittens that will be very suitable for either pet, breeding or show homes. We are a small cattery where quality and not quantity is our motto.

All of our cats live in our home with us and our kittens are raised in our family room so they are used to the family environment. They are raised with love. Our kittens go to their new owners healthy, house-trained, wormed, vaccinated twice, registered (FASA) and desexed, unless they are being sold for breeding purposes to registered breeders who practice early desexing.


There is no set charge due to the fluctuations of airline pricing. You will be required to pay all airline charges.


All of our kittens are released to their new homes with up-to-date vaccinations. It is South Australian law that vaccinations are only given by a Vet after a health check.


All our kittens are spayed/neutered unless they are sold for breeding purposes. Desexing is included in the cost of the kitten. The kittens are usually desexed between the ages of 12-14 weeks.

If you have any concerns about this procedure, please read the latest on the Winn Feline Foundations early spay/neuter findings. You will find this information on their website:


We ask that you give your new little Xarifa kitten the following:

You give your new kitten lots of love, cuddles and a great home
You will not mistreat it in any way
You will not sell the cat to a pet store and if you do need to pass your cat on,
you will let us know who the new family is
You will keep your cat indoors and only allow it outside in a protected run
You will keep its vaccinations up to date

In turn your Xarifa kitten will give You:

love and devotion
amuse you with his antics
talk sweet nothings to you
share your bed with you
play fetch with you almost endlessly if he is taught

Please note:

Enquiries are always welcome but Xarifa Siamese and Orientals reserves the right to refuse the sale of any cat or kitten.

Male kittens are able to go to their new homes at approximately 13 weeks of age, female kittens at 14 weeks of age. Desexing of females is a bigger operation and they do not go to their new homes until the stitches have been removed.

Please do not ask to take your kitten home at 12 weeks old or sooner. No kitten will be released from our home without being desexed - please do not ask to take them undesexed, as you will be offended by my reply (unless of course the kittens are going to registered breeding homes)

Be assured that you are NOT missing out on any special kitten time by taking home the kitten at 13-14 weeks of age. They are still young playful kittens at 15 weeks of age and for way much longer than that.

To secure your chosen Xarifa kitten a non refundable deposit of $100.00 is required

All kittens are to be taken to their new homes in a carry cage.
One can be supplied at extra cost if required.
While we sell to breeders,
please note that we only sell breeding cats to registered breeders who practice early desexing.


Kittens Available Now

Sorry, we do not have any kittens available.

As we are moving to Kangaroo Island mid 2015, we are giving our cats
and ourselves a much needed break.

But....we will be back on a much smaller scale in 2016

If you are interested in any of our babies it is imperative that you go on our
waiting list to avoid disappointment

The waiting list is the best way to secure a Xarifa kitten,
but if you will not be giving the kitten a loving indoor only home
your name will be removed from the waiting list.

If you are on my waiting list, please please keep in contact with me
then I am absolutely certain you are the family for one of my kittens!

Please email or call to be placed on our obligation free waiting list.
This is a must if you are wanting a particular colour.


Phone: 0476 803 530 or 0418 833 515

Email: xarifa@internode.on.net


** Reserved - interest has been expressed in this kitten, no deposit has been made.

** Adopted - This kitten is no longer available, a deposit has been made holding this kitten.

** Under Assessment - We are watching the development of the kitten to see if it is suitable for showing